Madeleine McCann

Madeleine was a 3 year old girl that went missing 10 years ago in Portugal whilst on holiday with her family. This country has spent a great deal of money supporting the family and trying to find her. The search still goes on.

Should we:

Carry on supporting the family at the cost of millions of pounds ? or

Stop supporting the family and save money which could be used to fund other things like hospitals or schools?

I await your thoughts and REASONS.

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  1. In my opinion,I think we should split the money provided because the parents must be heartbroken, devastated and maybe still in shock.If we give up then that would make them very upset and would make us despondent.Put yourself in their shoes,what would you do?Even if she is not found,she will be remembered in everyone’s heart.

    Another reason for why we should split the money is that if the child is not found we could be saving other children’s lifes to show that other people are safe.Education is very important so if we do split the money children will be educated and have a successful future.

    I was shocked to hear that this innocent girl had went missing.These cruel adults (who so bad things and are abusive) might have taken her.

  2. It should keep going because if it was you you would want them to keep looking for you everyone’s life is more valuable and precious than money or jewels so ask yourself this , what is the right thing to do?.

  3. I think they should carry out their search because there never is hope to lose and you dont know when she might be found .But I also think the money is important for the Schools and Hospitals because lots of other people can be saved .

  4. I believe that the money should be split because if I was Madeleine’s parents I would be heart-broken but at the same time.Madeleine’s parents are very depressed and should get treatment after ten years have passed since they have seen their daughter.I hope one day they will receive news about their daughter.

    Furthermore,we should also spend half of the money on emergency services because Madeleine is only one life,there are thousands of other lives to save who suffer from diseases,tragic accidents and more.Also,we should spend some money on schools for the future of this country so we can create mechanical devices that can help families and people like Madeleine to come back home again.

  5. I think that her family must not worry because they have been searching for her all long so she might not be with them but she is in their hearts. She is also remembered by lots of people so she must be safe wherever she is. The best way to find her is to not worry and always be happy and remember that she will always be with them. We could all help to remember her and try to find her by writing down all her achievements and what makes her a good person on a poster all around the school .We could also try and do good things to appreciate that we have all our family my our side and that they are not gone.

  6. We should continue supporting the family as we can find more evidence about her whereabouts and they need support through these times of emotional difficulties.

  7. I feel very very upset after hearing the Story about Madeleine Mccane had gone missing and not been found and it’s ten years on now. I think we should support the family by splitting the money if is getting to much spending and focus also for other areas that needed help. I hope the girl been found soon and re unite with her family.

  8. We should all be searching for more evidence
    because she probably might be out there
    Also it would be a great idea to make family member that can be together.

  9. When Madeleine McCane went missing I was 1 years old but what I have heard in the news I am really sad because this little girl is missing and we need to act now. It has been several years (10) but just because it’s been lots of years dosent mean we can help kids . I hope they have found their kind and loving kid Madeleine.
    TO GAIN .😀

  10. In my opinion I believe that we should carry on spending millions of pounds on the family to try and support them.I think this because finding there loved one is more important than education and spending millions of pounds on other things.

  11. We feel sad for the poor child. They should continue funding for the child’s parents. On the other hand how will the parent and the child know how she looks like because it has now been 10 years and she may have left the country and is in danger. We also think that they should carry on spending money but not millions of pounds. We are all lost for words and appreciate that we are not lost and our parents have seen us grow up😔😕😱 .

    By Kamilah , Maleeha , Rudaba , Sharzat , Summaya

  12. In my opinion,we should carry on supporting the family for the reason that the missing child could have not eaten for years,she might be starving and lost in the middle of nowhere.Just imagane being a 4 year old and walking alone not knowing where you are going.There are lots of adults who kidnap or abuse children.This is very worrying that a huge amount of children are being either abused or kidnapped.Put yourself in the place of her parents what would you do ?

  13. I am neither for nor against each use of the money but I rather would split it both ways. My reason for this is that I know that it must be heartbreaking for Kate and Gerry McCann to lose their first child and only daughter and on top of that, being blamed publicly for their own child’s disappearance. Seeing Kate’s desperate plea for her daughter to be returned safely touched mine and many other’s hearts and believe that this should be enough to donate at least half the money to what I believe is much more than a worthy cause. Also I think that partial funding for at least another 10 years is the least that can be done after the depressed parents had suffered abusive messages due to the theory that she was kidnapped by her own parents. On the other hand, many people currently live on the streets and legal British citizens are losing school places in schools due to immigrants and lack of schools to educate them all. The obvious and simple solution is to build more schools. Many people die of illnesses now so more hospitals must also be built. These buildings can save many lives (not only from death but saving them from a life on the streets) and maybe create longer average lifespans than the current average lifespan of approximately 70-80 years.

  14. After I had heard this news, I felt really sorry for the 3-year-old girl as she has been missing for ten years! In my opinion, I think the government should carry on supporting the family even if its millions of pounds because if you were in their position you would want them to keep supporting you as this a 3-year-old child you are looking for, not an adult. How would you feel if had a child and he/she got lost that is how the Mcann parents feel.

  15. I believe, that this country should support her family and spend a great amount of money to this poor girl since are country respects all types of people and care for the people who are suffering from diseases, lost someone really special and many more. The search for Madeleine Mcane should continue because she might have been kidnapped, lost or stolen meaning that her parents are worried and really need her.

  16. Madeleine was lost ten years ago so I was 0 then so I didn’t know what went on but since I have just seen this blog and understood ,I feel so sorry for her, really. Its so sad I would like to cry but I wont (it will be embarrassing). I would like to be Sherlock Holmes for a day and solve this tragic ,heart-breaking mystery. What happened?.

  17. I think the government should support them with money because it is very sad and I think it is selfish of the robber because it’s just a 3 year old girl who is now is living without her parents but there’s lots of other missing children out there so you shouldn’t just use all the money finding her it should be Sherd with all the other lost children out there who are robbed. I hope they find them one day.

  18. I feel the same as Nicole we should still be able to give
    money to them they have unconditional love for her.
    We are just giving money I bet her parents will
    give up there life’s just to find her.

  19. When Madeleine McCane had gone missing I was not born but from hearing everything in the news I felt really sad and confused about why would cruel people do this to a innocent little girl. I think we should carry on looking for her even though it cost millions of pounds. Think about what her parents are feeling that their little girl has gone missing. Till she has been found or any additional information about her as been reported this will stay my answer.

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