Madrid day 2

Another great day! We visited the Spanish school today and this was great! We took part in activities, they showed us dances and we even showed some them dances too!

After, we walked around the centre and had some food. We are all having fun and we are safe!


Team BH!






36 thoughts on “Madrid day 2

  1. Parece divertido que debo aprender juegos españoles tal vez podría buscar algunos y aprender.Disfruta tu tiempo allí! (looks fun I wish I knew Spanish games maybe I could search some up and learn them.enjoy your time!)

  2. Looks great- what a fantastic experience to see a school in a different country and to practise your Spanish with the children.
    Well done for having a go and being brave with the dancing! Looked awesome. Have a great day today, Miss Sahin x

  3. You really do look as though you are having so much fun. I hope you all make the most of this fabulous experience.
    Oh by the way I thought the dancing was great!

  4. Wow the video is amazing and the girls are fab at reviewing some of the activities they took part in…well done ! Nice to see a Confident Team BH abroad. Doing us proud. Enjoy rest of trip and stay safe together xx

  5. Hello Zade,
    We are really missing you and the house is not the same with out you. Hope you are safe and having a fun time. See you soon
    Love from mum, dad, siyaad, sharmake and sarah

  6. Wow guys, I wish I was there you all look so happy.
    Lowesha you have made me super proud watching you in this video. My nerves of steel can rest now. Have fun and we will see you soon. Xxxxxxxxx
    Love Mum and LATAYA.
    P.s Loving the moves! 💃🏽

  7. Looks absolutely great! They are lucky they have such a BIG hall and playground!! Perhaps one year they can visit us? Loving all your happy faces! Keep on gaining! Loved how you performed as well. Go TEAM BH!

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