Magic Show

Today we had a special visit from Joe the Magician. He showed the children a lot of fascinating tricks which blew all our minds!

What did you think of the Magic Show?

What key lessons did you learn?

What was your favourite part of the show?

Thank you Joe for your visit, from all of Broad Heath.

73 thoughts on “Magic Show

  1. I thought that the magic show was exciting. My favourite part was when joe got the bunny out of the hat because it was funny. When he tied the rope and then cut the rope it still sttayed in one piece.

  2. Ridwan and saffiyah

    What did you think is the magic show

    It was realistic and fantastic

    What key lesson did you learn

    We learnt that how to cut the rope you need balance also need a rope that’s loose

  3. I know the magic show was great because Joe showed us Funny tricks I liked the bit when the teachers were standing in the middle with rock sheen one black rock was in the bag I learnt how to use a bit of magic and use this daily because the trick Joe used was really entertaining and it made everyone laugh because he is the best magician that has ever come to this school. My favourite part when when he was tricking a person who volunteered to come up stage to spill water on his head but there wasn’t actually anything in there it made us shocked because we never knew if he was going to get spill or notm

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