Magic squares

In math this week, 4 White have been solving a variety of problems involving addition and subtraction. On Monday and Tuesday, we learnt about Magic Squares and came up with a set of rules to help us solve this fantastic puzzle. Attached below is an image of an example of a Magic Square. Can you answer the questions underneath in the comments below. (P.S. Remember to use mathematical vocabulary when providing your answers please!) 

1)What is special about this Magic Square? 

2) What rules do we need to follow when solving a Magic Square?

3) Can you solve the missing numbers in the magic square?

4)How can you make sure your answers are correct? 

Challenge- Try and make your own magic square for your friend to solve in school!

6 thoughts on “Magic squares

  1. 1 . The magic square is special because there is a full row of numbers and you have to add them up to make the answers of the row that has 1 or 2 numbers

    2 . You need to be following these rules :
    You need to add the numbers that are in a full row
    You need to be sure about adding the right number

  2. 1. The magic square is special because when there’s a full row in the magic square it adds up to make the magic number.

    2.Rules for magic square!
    1. Find a full row that adds a number to make or magic number.
    2. Find another row with two numbers .
    3. Then add the two numbers together .
    4. Last but not lest subtract the magic number the number .
    That’s the rules for a magic square!!!!

    3. The magic number is 45.
    Box one : 6
    Box three: 15 or 6
    Box 5: 6 or 3
    Box 4:18
    Box 2:12 or 21

    4. We could us the inverse or use colum subtraction and addition.

  3. 1. The special thing about it is that all of the numbers in the magic square equal up to 45.
    2. You need to follow that all the numbers you add need to equal 45. You also need to know that your putting the numbers in the correct order and you shouldn’t get mixed up or your answer will be wrong.

  4. 1.the special thing about this magic square is that if you see 3 numbers diagonally,forwards,backwards or sideways it will equal to a number if you add or subtract.
    2.when you have a magic square you have to follow these rules:
    .you should not use division or times because it will equal to a big number and you will have to subtract
    53+9=62 should check your answer by using a formal written method.

  5. 1.The special thing about the magic square is when you solve it if you add up a full line (3 numbers that are sideways forwards and backwards) the answer is always the same number.

    2.The rules of doing a magic square are adding up a full line and making the answer with the other numbers you have but you have to have to numbers next to each other or one number

    3.Here is the magic square and the magic number is 45.

    Box One:6
    Box Three:15
    Box Two:11
    Box Four:18
    Box Five:3

    4.You can check your work by using the inverse.

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