10 thoughts on “Year 4- Making a Circuit

  1. 1 Mr Inmaan bulb wont light up because the wires are not connected.
    2 You will some wires,batteries and a bulb.
    3 Thee light bulb was dimmer because most items don’t have a lot of strength.

  2. 1) I think Mr Inman’s light did not work because a full circuit needs to be in a circular shape whereas Mr Inman’s circuit was not complete it needed another wire.

    2) You need 2 wires, a battery and a bulb.

    3) I think the light got dimmer because most of the energy might be going to the mother because maybe the positive wire was on the side of the motor to make the noise louder.

  3. Mr Inman”s light bulb wouldn’t like because not all wires were connected. You will need a battery and a few wires. The light bulb was dimmer because most of the battery power was going to the motor

  4. 1. Mr Inman’s build won’t light up because he had one wire on to plug in but you need two wires.
    2. You need a battery, two wires and a bulb so it will light up.
    3. I think the motor had more power in it so it could make more sounds.

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