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Margate Reading Challenge

Marvellous Margate!

These days, Margate fizzes with artistic energy. It has traditional seaside features, a world-class art gallery, sandy beaches and sparkling bays. Not only this, there are cool cafés and tempting shops. It’s very exciting and you’re invited to take part!

Margate’s Old Town is very funky! There are trendy places to eat, art galleries, vintage shops and chilled-out cafes. Also you will find the traditional seaside delights: candyfloss stands; fish and chip shops; seafood stalls.

There is also a fantastic amusement park called Dreamland which has thrilling historic rides, classic side shows and places to eat.

For more than 100-years Margate’s Winter Gardens have drawn big-name music acts, from the Beatles to the Kaiser Chiefs. The town’s Theatre Royal is the second-oldest in the country, while the Tom Thumb Theatre is one of the smallest theatres in the world.

Margate’s jazz festival attracts top bands and has people dancing all over the Old Town. There is a beach volleyball tournament each summer with Britain’s best beach volleyball teams. In August you will see a loud, colourful carnival snaking through the town.

This summer look out for the Margate Rickshaw offering free trips at weekends and school holidays around the Old Town and seafront.


Would you like to go to Margate why?


Would Margate be suitable for old people? Why?


What do you think a Rickshaw is? What makes you think this?

68 thoughts on “Margate Reading Challenge

  1. Bronze
    I like to go to Margate because it got big fairs wheel.
    Riskshaw is a small taxi but it got three wheels.I have been in Riskhaw on my trip to Pakistan.

  2. Bronze challenge
    I would like to go to Margate because it looks fun and cool there.

    Silver challenge
    Yes,I think they could go because it would be fair and nice.

    Gold challenge
    Oh, I know it ,it is a type of small car!!!

  3. I will like to go to Margate fantastic Dreamland park also it has chilled-out cafe, eating places, Art gallery, vintage shops, and the best thing about it has fish and chip shop and candy floss stands and many more things.

    Wow in summer Margate Rickshaw offering FREE trip at weekends and in school hoilday.

  4. Bronze:
    I would like to go Margate because there is an beautiful place😊.
    Yes, for all the people.
    Offering free trips at weekends and school holidays.
    Yes It makes me happy 😃.

  5. Bronze I like to go margate because I want to see how it looks like.🏆
    silver i like silver because I like to find a starfish.🏆
    Gold I like Gold because I want to go on the Golding sand.🏆

  6. Bronze challenge
    No because people wear scary costumes.
    Silver challenge
    No Margate won’t let them because they wear scary costumes.
    Gold challenge
    A Rickshaw is a small two weeled cart for one passanger pulled by one person.
    I noticed it because I searched it.

  7. Bronze :
    I would like to go there because I would like to see the funky houses and they have costumes.

    Silver :
    Yes because they can talk to each other and chat on a phone.

    Gold: I think Rickshaw mean’s a child that is good because it sounds like it.

  8. Bronze:
    I would like to go there because it will be funky and they have places to eat in.

    Yes because they can sit in a cafe.

    Gold: A Rickshaw is a offering a free trips like at weekend.

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