Marvellous Mixtures in 5 Red.

Today in 5 Red we completed an experiment to separate different mixtures using a range of materials. We used salt, sugar, sand, flour, peas, rice and raisins. We used a sieve, filter paper, magnets, paper clips and a funnel to separate the mixtures. Take a look at the pictures below.

Which mixture was the most successful at separating?

Which mixture was unsuccessful at separating?


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  1. For Blue table, the most succesful mixture was the flour and paperclips. We just had to put the magnet in and we got all the paperclips out. The hardest one was the raisins and salt, but we were able to separate the mixture, so it was successful. I enjoyed this experiment. I wonder what will be next.

  2. The most easiest mixture for blue table was the flour and the paperclips because we just needed to put magnet in and all the paperclips got out. The most hardest one was the raisins and sugar but it was still succesful.

  3. In pink table we sone 2 the most easiest we had was the dice and sand which was successful and the hardest was the raisins and flour which was unsuccessful it was really fun making and separating different mixtures I’m looking forward for this topic and seeing what is next through out our learning journey