Materials 2 White

What a fantastic Science lesson we have had today.

Here are the Butterflies. They have been focussing on the things they could see in and around the classroom area. 

Where are my scientists? Who can find similar materials at home? Can you describe them using scientific vocabulary? 

Please watch this video and let me know what you think 😁

15 thoughts on “Materials 2 White

  1. Glass is transparent and rigid.
    Wood is rigid that means that it can not move.
    Metal is strong and rigid.
    Waterproof soaks all of the water to the top .
    Our clothes are made out of fabric which is a material.

  2. I loved the words that you said buttiflies like waterproof,transparent and metalif you did it on your own the video would not be super but right now you are superstars and I liked your video about what we have been learning in scince which was materials.

  3. I like the vidio butterflies well done and I really like it and I love the words you said like metal,transparent,hard they were great words.they were my favourite words.

  4. Well done butterflies you are amazing. I think 2 white is going to say buterflies are excellent. That is teamwork and don’t forget to work as a team and you are the best superstar.

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