Mathletes this week

This week’s Mathlete of the Week is Nicole who gained her first Silver Certificate! There has been some really high usage this week though so keep it up the rest of you.


All the following children from 6 White gained certificates:

Siham; Alesha; Iasmina; Aleem; Adam; Dielli; Momina; Weli;

These children in 6 Red also gained certificates this week:

Linda; Madara; Omio; Monalisa; Nana; Haris I; Lowesha; Syed; Sanaa; Anna; Safiya; Tiya; Gautam

I’m really proud of 6 White for upping their Mathletics usage so much this week. Keep working hard on your maths. Mathletics is a great resource which will help to keep your brain sharp over the holidays and ready for learning in Spring Term.




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