Maths Challenge Reception – Summer 1

Bronze Challenge: Draw and name the following 2D shapes. Label each shape and describe them.

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Silver Challenge: Make a shape picture using the following shapes. Label the 2D shapes and write how many sides, corners and faces they each have.

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Gold Challenge: Draw and name following 3D shapes and describe them. How do they compare to 2D shapes?

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  1. Gold challenge: (3D shapes)

    Cone-The cone has 2 face’s which are,one at the bottom and the second face is the big one right in the middle. The cone has one corner which is the corner at the top.

    Sphere-The sphere has 1 face which is the face that goes around the sphere. (Basically the whole sphere.) The sphere has no corners, corners are the pointy bits in a shape, as you can see it has no pointy bits on the shape.

    Cylinder-The cylinder has 3 faces, one at the top, one at the bottom, and one which goes around the whole of the cylinder. This shape also has no corners/pointy bits on the shape just like the sphere hadn’t.

    Cube-The cube has 6 faces, one at the bottom, one at the top, two on the sides and two on the other sides, this shape has 8 corners.

    Why 3D shapes are different to 2D shapes:
    3D shapes are shapes which can stand without having to hold them however on the other side, the 2D shapes are shapes which can not stand on their own, they are flat and can only stand with you having to hold the shape in position.

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