Year 4 Maths challenges – Autumn 1

Look at the table showing the reign of different Anglo Saxon kings. Use this table to help you to answer the questions.

table saxons


Place the Anglo Saxon kings in the order of which they reigned?

Who reigned first? Who was the last Anglo Saxon king?


How long did Edwy reign for?

How long did Edward III reign for?

How long did Harold II reign for?


Find the difference in the length of reign between:

* Edwy and Ethelwulf

* Edward III and Alfred the great


Which Anglo Saxon king reigned the longest? How long did they reign for?

Find the difference in the length of their reign and Queen Elizabeth II.

66 thoughts on “Year 4 Maths challenges – Autumn 1

  1. Bronze
    1.first it is Ethelwulf and the last was Harold 2nd
    1.Edwy reigned for 4 years.
    2.Edward the 3rd reigned for 24 years.
    3.Harold the 2nd reigned for 9 months.
    1.the difference isEdwy and Ethelwulf is 3 years.
    2.the difference between Edward the 3rd and Alfred the great is 3 years.

    Ethelwulf was the first
    Edward the elder was second
    Alfred the great was third
    Then it’s Edwy
    Second last was Edward the 3rd
    And last was Harold the 2nd

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