Maths -Number bonds

This week we have had so much fun, learning our number bonds. Here is a game to test your knowledge. Please record your score in the comment section below. The person with the highest score will get a prize!

Please click on the link below:

Click on number bonds – make 10 – play.

15 responses to “Maths -Number bonds”

  1. Ariyan S.

    I got 20 out of 20.

  2. Siyam A.

    I have 45 / 46

  3. Aiza B.

    I got 16 out of 16

  4. Sumaya O.

    I got 17 out of 17.

  5. Sidrah S.

    i did number bonds to 10 and 20. My highest score is 17 out of 17

  6. Ilyas K.

    I have 10 out of 10.

  7. Zainullah S.

    I have got 16 out of 20

  8. Javishan R.

    I have done double number bonds , my score was 27 out of 27 .

  9. Miss Smith

    Well done Jad, Yasiin, Sumayyah & Rayan for continuing their learning at home. You have all worked fantastically this week and achieved great things!

  10. Yasiin H.

    I have 18 out of 20

  11. Rayan M.

    My score is 26 out of 27.

  12. Sumayyah A.

    My score was 18/18

    1. Mrs T

      Well done Sumayyah!

  13. Jad A.

    I have 45 /46

    1. Mrs T

      Well done! Did you do this by yourself or with the help of an adult?

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