Medieval day in Year 6

Wow! What a great day! We did a range of learning activities today in Year 6. These lessons involved:

Making and designing stained glass windows

Medieval dancing


English – Text analysis


Here are photos across the year group. We even had our parents and families join in for a dance at the end of the day.

Thank you for the parents that attended this afternoon and for your support to make the day happen – the donations for our banquet was great!

In maths we used a medieval method to draw a regular octagon using a compass.

Six Red rocked the medieval look!

14 thoughts on “Medieval day in Year 6

  1. Thank you for letting us have this day because it was really fun. I enjoyed the medieval feast because we got to eat a range of food. In maths I learned some new facts about 8. Thank you again for this wonderful experience.

  2. I really enjoyed the banquet because we got to eat food and I really enjoyed the medevial day and I liked the dance, it was great day we all enjoyed

  3. I really enjoy Medieval Day! because you got to do vareity of activities, like; Medival dancing , making stained glass’s with tissues paper, when you make a circle out of a octogan in Maths and the banquet. My favorite part was when we went to the hall and our Banquet was ready for the whole of Year 6 and have a variation of food that was layed neatly on the table. My seconed favorite part was when we practise our Medieval dance, and we got to perform our dances infront of the parents and teachers. Overall the day was really fun.

  4. Today we had a banquet it was mediaeval day we did all sorts of cool things like dancing,Stained glasses and We doing a popular number in the mediaeval day which was the number eight.The number eight had lots of cool properties to it like how an octopus would have eight legs. Also, that in Roman numerals it is VIII and during the day we all came together on the big table in our school hall and had a big feast which in mediaeval times it was called a banquet.So the overall review of mediaeval day it was great.

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