Meeting – Doly Moch

Dear Parents/Carers
There will be a meeting on Wednesday 17th June 2015 at 2.30pm. The meeting will be held in the parents room and you will be given information regarding timings and what your child needs to take with them to Doly Moch. If you are unable to attend please contact the office to either speak to me or collect the information that will be given out on Wednesday.
I look forward to seeing you
Mrs Raja-Khan

7 thoughts on “Meeting – Doly Moch

  1. I am really looking forward to the trip. I know that we will all learn and try new activities. It will also help to develop both teamwork and independence.

  2. I hope the people that are going will be looking forward to this important meeting.They will be very excited and what to go to DOLY MOCH i hope you all enjoy the meeting ;) :)

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