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Memories of Reception

Hello RP

I know you are all looking forward to going into Year 1 and looking forward to exciting learning experiences. You will have a wonderful time!

Have you any good memories of Reception that you would like to share?


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  1. My memories are when we all went to winter wonderland and had lots of fun! I have enjoyed when we have done lots of painting. I liked going out on school trips. My most fun school trip was Twycross Zoo. My best part was when I got chosen to perform in the talent show with Vinay. I have improved on my reading and writing sentences. Thank you Mrs Penavega and Mr Mahmood! I have enjoyed my time in Reception thank to my teachers.

  2. I love the big playground. I also love writing aswell.
    The teachers are very nice and friendly I will miss them alot. I have made many friends.
    The school trips were lots of fun.

  3. I thought it was truly ‘magical’ at Wonderland! You have all worked really hard and tried your best at everything. A great year and I’m sure you will have a super year with Miss Sargent and Mrs Carmen.

  4. I will miss RP very much. RP have gained so much this year and have been trying very hard with everything. Keep working hard superheroes. I am so proud of you all and now it’s time to make Miss Sargent and Mrs Carmen proud!

  5. My favourite times are using the iPads and whiteboard. Play time outside with my friends. My other favourite time was the zoo trip with the whole class, it was very exciting to see all the animals and I didn’t have to go on the wheelchair as Mr Mahmood looked after me :).
    I will miss Mrs Penavega and Mr Mahmood very much I loved them both, because they have looked after me all the time. I have learned so much this year thanks to all my helpful teachers, including Mr Graham swimming class.

    I hope in year 1 I will learn as much as I did in Reception. I feel excited to go to year 1 after the holidays.
    Me and my parents are grateful to Mrs Penavega and Mr Mahmood for being super teachers and so very patient with me through the whole time. I always look forward to coming back after all my hospital appointments, Broadheath is the best school ever.

    • What a lovely comment Luqman. I will miss you very much and you’re smile! You are a superstar that has gained so much in Reception. I am so proud of you and I know you will shine in Year 1.

  6. My favourite memory in reception class was the zoo trip and the winter wonderland trip.

    After joining RP I have become very happy and will miss Mrs.Penevega and Mr.Mahmood who have both been excellent teachers and a great credit to me.

    My other greatest memories are all the stay and play sessions and outings.
    I will be looking forward to year 1 in September.

    • Sara you are a superstar. I will miss you very much when you go into Year 1. You have grown so much in confidence and have gained a lot! Keep shining