Mental Maths Homework Week 2

Hello Year 5,

Please have a look at these questions and answer them in your homework books.  Some of these questions you have been working on these week so please show the method you have used in your books:-

  1. 25+15+156 =
  2. What is the total of forty, fifty and sixty?
  3. What is 15 decreased by 25?
  4. Which number is not a prime number – 2, 5, 9, 11, 17, 29?
  5. What is the total of 7.89 and 12.56?
  6. What is the perimeter of these shapes below:-



29 thoughts on “Mental Maths Homework Week 2

  1. 1) the answer is 196 because when you add the first 2 numbers you get 40 and add both 156 and 40 will be 196.

    2) 150




    6)A: 38cm
    B: 56cm
    C: 24cm
    D: 38cm


  2. Well done for those of you that have done this but yes I want these answers in your homework books. The reason for this is so that we can see how many of you understood the learning this week. Also you need to show the method you have used. Those of you that have answered on the blog please do this in your books. Thank you

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