Mental Maths Practice Week 3

Year 5 your mental maths scores have started to improve.  This is not just in our mental maths test on Fridays but also your mental maths strategies that you are using in your lessons.  Lets get these scores reaching the top and maintaining them each week. So have a practice at answering these questions in your homework books:-

  1. What is 168 divided by 6?
  2. Add forty to 98?
  3. Write the fraction three quarters in decimal?
  4. Tom had 128 marbles and he had to share them between 5 friends and include himself.  How many marbles did they get each?  Did they get an equal amount and were there any marbles spare?
  5. What is the product of 5.2 and 10?
  6. What is half of 4.8?
  7. What is the sum of 17 and 4.6?
  8. Share £11 between 4 people. How much will they get each?

Remember you can show your working out in your books.

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