Good Morning/ afternoon,

I hope you are all well. I just wanted to give you some context and reasons about the current situation. We have seen a dramatic rise in positive cases. BH is just following the guidelines we have been given. Decision and reasons made are done in collaboration with the Local Authority. We are having to close down classes because although children may be negative one day, they are testing positive the next. Is is therefore important that children told to isolate STAY INDOORS please. Too many children were brought to the school gates in the last few weeks. Your child can carry the virus without testing positive.

I understand some families will be suffering financially so we will be posting a link tomorrow which allows some of you claim money to support during these difficult times.
My staff as well as myself,do not want children to be at home; it is demanding on teachers as well as parents. Having school open and also having to run remote education is not something anyone wants so please do not blame us. We will do everything we can to support even if you just need a chat

Stay safe, be careful and please talk to us if you need anything.

Mrs F


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  1. Evening
    Both parents work and we getting no help from work,if we drop the children off within 1 hour we go back and pick them up, could you notify everyone sooner so we can plan child care.
    We are losing pay and can’t claim anything as we both work, also getting warning from work about school Covid 19 rate.
    It’s not school fault but work don’t understand blog update so late, without letter confirming what’s schools doing.
    Many thanks Faizan parents.

    • Really sorry but I cannot control when we get alerts from the NHS,we have to act immediately. If we can help you claim extra wages to support, we will direct you to the site to claim for time lost. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for supporting in this critical situation Mrs. Frankish and BH team. You always encourage us in this hard time and its our duty to be stand with you. My children been isolated two week before and I never let them go out because it’s very important to keep them and everyone safe. So please be careful these rules are for our safety’ and this time will pass too very soon .

  3. Thank you for the information Mrs Frankish. You have our full support in this situation. You are doing your best to keep students safe at school. We know the circumstances are hard because of covid but we believe in you. We appreciate the teachers’ efforts who are trying their best so that the kids dont miss out their learning.
    Stay safe.

  4. Thank you, I know you are trying your best to help all of the children and staff. You are a great headteacher.
    My son is in 5 Red so when does his class open or is it still isolated?
    My daughter is in 2 White, does she have school tomorrow or is it closed?
    Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.
    Rasanโ€™s Mum xxxx

    • I am awaiting results from key personnel. I am holding off for as long as I can before I make a decision.
      Thanks Mrs F… I will update soon.

  5. Thanks for the information. We believe that you are doing your best in this situation. We trust you and are giving you our full support for everything.