Message for your friends- 3B

Hi 3 Blue,

During one of the English lessons, I noticed that some of you want to be talking to your friends. I will leave this blog up and you can message each other. You can ask each other questions about what they have been doing, how they are feeling or you might tell them what you have been doing. You can also leave a message for myself or Mrs Patel. You could send a message to a certain friend or the whole class. They idea is, if there is a message (especially one to you) that you reply, this way you can have a conversation with all your friends that you are missing.


86 thoughts on “Message for your friends- 3B

  1. Hi Azaan How are you Azaan? I am fine I was outside playing with my bicycle 🚲 I asked my sister to play with me with her bicycle 🚲 and she said yes so we had so much fun playing with bicycle 🚲 I hope I see everyone have a good day Azaan.

    • Hello beautiful children from 3 Blue.
      Hope you are all well, safe and happy. I am really proud of you as you are all working very hard and taking care of yourself.
      You are all missing your friends and it’s nice to see you all getting in touch with your friends. Well done 3 Blue. I am missing you all and looking forward to seeing you all soon. Take good care of yourself and be safe.

  2. Hello Raisa,

    How are you doing, hope you and your family are well an safe.
    I miss you a lot and you little brother and sister. I remember when we were playing in the play ground and pushing each other on the
    Zip wire .

    Take care.


    • hi serina I really miss you I hope your okay and still having fun at home . if this virus wasn’t here we’ll still be playing on the zip wire
      but when the virus is over I’m sure we’ll see at school again !! :)

    • It should work on a laptop. Try again lateR but don’t get stressed if you can’t get it to work. I can see that you have been on the science blog and have a good understanding about shadows! Well done Azaan!

    • Aaahhh Azaan that is lovely. We also really miss you. I especially miss your cheekiness! These are strange and difficult times but we will get through it! Hope to see you all soon x

    • Hi Azaan, it’s lovely to hear from you.
      Azaan I miss you too my friend. I miss talking to you I miss your cheekiness and I miss seeing you trying very hard with your learning.
      You take care and enjoy family time.
      My regards to your family.
      Be safe and happy Azaan.

  3. Hi Mrs Khaliq and Mrs Patel how are you? Hope you are all well, just wanted to say that it’s my Birthday today 🧁 missing my class very much.

    • I like to say hello to my friend Mrs. Khaliq.
      How are you Mrs. Khaliq. I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I am missing you and our children from 3 Blue.

      I also like to say hello to all the children from 3 Blue. Please check your blogs everyday because we are working and you all have to keep learning.
      Take care Mrs Khaliq and all the children from 3 Blue.

      • Hello Mrs Patel. That was a lovely message. I am missing you and everyone in 3 Blue as well. What have you been doing Mrs Patel?
        I can’t wait to see everyone again!
        Mrs Khaliqx

        • I have been for a walk and enjoyed my breakfast. I am really missing everyone in our school. Sending lots of love to all of you my friends from 3 Blue including Mrs. Khaliq.

    • Hi Umar, how are you? We haven’t heard from you in a while. Is everything OK? Please make sure you access the blogs daily and complete all the tasks. You have some catching up to do!

    • Hi Umar how are you friend? Hope you are all safe and happy.
      I am looking forward to reading your letter to your friend so think of the features of a letter and write a letter to your best friend.
      It’s nice to hear from you Umar.

    • Hi Naimol, Masha Allah I’m good. I had a water fight last night with my brother and sister and we were soaked. We had a lot of fun. How are you Naimol? Hope to see you and everyone soon. 👍

    • Your welcome Serina. Have you got a message for any of your friends? Maybe you would like their advice on something or you would like to share some news?

    • Good morning Serina. Now is your chance to write a letter to your best friend. Make sure you use the paragraph for introduction, middle and end.

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