Miss Burton’s Time Words Challenge!

Hello 2D!

I have a challenge for you all!


Last week we started to write our own stories that were based at the Seaside.

My challenge to you is this;

Write a short story about anything you like, and try to include as many TIME WORDS that you have learnt!

Remember I will also be looking for excellent adjectival phrases!

The best story I receive by Friday 10th will win a special prize!


16 thoughts on “Miss Burton’s Time Words Challenge!

  1. One day 2D went to the seaside and Lots of as made big
    sand castles and Lots of children were playing with sand then i played with Mirl.

  2. One beautiful day there was a boy called jerry and he had a beautiful bedroom but he had some delicious sweets. Next he had some lovely friends then he made some more people as his beautiful bestest friends in the whole world. Then he played with his lovely beautiful friends and he gave his lovely beautiful friends some of his sweets.

  3. One sunny day there was a boy name Jake who was very excited and ecstatic to go for a camping with his family. First they set up tent and gathered firewood for campfire. Then they played lots of games like hide and seek, I-spy ,badminton, read books and also explore the nature like plucking fowers,leaves and watching birds .Atlast they got tired and fell asleep. Suddenly they heard a strange noise and everybody thought it was a ghost ,but it was Jake making a squeaking loud noise. Finally next morning everybody had a delicious yummy breakfast and packed everything to return home safely. The End.

  4. One day there was a pretty girl called Miral she was very tall with a long hair. First she used her hair to climb on the tree to get some rose flowers.
    One day on her way home she met small bird laying on the street with bend on the bird wing. Miral took some flowers and covered the bird wing.
    Second Miral went home to bring some water for the bird then her mum asked her what happened Miral? Miral told her mum the story then her mum she made some medicine with the rose flowers and went with her then they applied on the bird wing. Suddenly the bird tried to fly but it couldn’t but finally Miral took the bird on her long beautiful hair and put the bird on the tree and the bird fly like a magic wond.

    • Brilliant story Miral! I really enjoyed reading it. I am very impressed with your use of paragraphs, and you have a good amount of time words! Keep up the hard work! :)

  5. Luci at the sea side One day Luci went to the sea side and it was a lovely day but first she made a big sand castle.Then she had a pink and blue ice cream and it was yummy in my tummy.I want some more she said pleas can i have some more pleas can i have some more pleas NO said mum and dad i SAID NO.Then Luci made a big sand castle and her mum and dad helped Luci do it fell down THE END

    • Well done Lacey! Luci sounds like she had lots of fun making sandcastles! I like your use of time words, can you think of any more? :)

  6. lacey at the beach lacey was a little girl she went to the seaside and she saw a dog called jerry all of a sudent the dog chared to her.the surfers came out of the sea looking for her.They had bathing machiene in the beach

  7. one day there was a tiny little tan dog called jojo firstly he went for a peaceful walk on his own.
    secondly jojo met his friend called jack. he was white with dark blue sports on him. then they met their other friend.he was called jerry. jerry strolled with them to the amazing park.
    next they went to play all together they were very jolly.
    after they went to the park they were hungry. so they went to get some hot food from the bakery. jojo got some soft buns and shared it with his two friends. suddenly they had to go home and went to bed.

    • once upon a time three was a boy called jack firstly his bome told jack to bring food he went to the shops but he finded a man who was looking fo shops so they went off to the shops affter they finded a monkey looking for shops suddenly they founded the fantastic town thety had lots of clothes affter the all went to theere houses the end

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