Miss Cochrane’s Maths Homework

Simplifying fractions

GOLDEN RULE: You MUST do the same to the top and bottom number.

Use the fraction wall to check your answers.


To use division facts to solve fraction word problems

You need to simplify one of the fractions so that it has the same denominator as the other fraction. Use the method we have learnt this week.

5 thoughts on “Miss Cochrane’s Maths Homework

  1. This homework was quite hard even for a parent. I think it shoudve been explained a few more times in class before being given at home.

    • Perhaps it was explained a few times. I suggest that you book an appointment to see Miss Cochrane so she can explain the background to this homework.
      Many thanks.

    • I am really pleased that you were able to use the information provided to compare the fractions and attempt the questions. Remember to use the correct vocabulary, you had completed lots of work in class before the homework was set. You explained the fractions using the fractions wall really well.

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