25 thoughts on “Miss Dewar’s Young Animal Research

  1. Animals start from being little.As they get older they change to a different shap. Chicken eggs tuns into chick a chick turs into a chicken.

  2. Some animals look after themselves. they can walk/swim/fly with in minutes of being born.some animals stay with their parents for months or year after being born.A larva changed into a ladybird.a little egg changes to a tadpole then a frog

  3. In minutes after being born some animals know survival.All animals including humans grow and change.Sometimes animals need there parents to teach them to survive.Larva turns into a ladybirds

  4. As animals grow they change size and weight. sometimes animals are independent gust when there born. Some animals when they are born they are helpless.
    To survive need to hunt.


  5. They have different coverings when there are young to help protect them. Some animals are quite helpless so they need to be fed and cared for.when animals grow they change their size and their shape.

    From Bethany and Haleema

  6. Some animals body’s change shape they may have different coverings when their young to help them and this helps them to comaflouge . Some animals are born quite helpless.
    By leia Wong and leila dadkhah

  7. Baby animals independently know to survive and not thought how to walk,swim,fly.Some baby stay with their parents for month or years after being born,they are looked after and thought how to survive.

  8. Eggs turn into chicks and then they turn into chickens.
    And tadpoles turn into Frogs.
    Catapillars turn into butterfly.
    Some animals change a lot as they grow.
    Some animals are born without parents.
    All animals including humans change and grow.
    They all change in size and weight
    By Armaan Faheem

  9. Animals Chang as they get older.Some animals don’t live white ther parent.They change in weight.Some animals can swim wen the are born.Some animal know how to suvive.Some animals are helples need to be fed n taken care of to.

    By eesa and naly

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