Miss H-B’s Reading Club

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We read a selection of stories, poems and texts from the book below, why not have a look?

Week 1

Non-fiction and fictional text ‘Unit 19 and 22’

We compared two pieces of texts by the subject, way it has been written and the features. After that, we took part in a game of  comprehension Snakes and Ladders, where we had to answer questions about a piece of text by scanning to find the correct information.

Week 2

Narrative ‘Unit 7 and 20’

Every individual read a short piece of the narrative script, we had to guess who the characters were and were they human?  Everyone had a great go at this! To end sessions we went on a treasure hunt, to find the missing speech from the text. We had to match the narrative phrases to the correct character.

Week 3

Performing poems ‘Unit 2 and 17’

Following on from last weeks learning on expression, we each had to perform the same poem! Take a look on how we got on…

Week 4

Tales ‘Unit 15’

This week we focused on short Tales, we were put to the test when we had to identify interesting language and features. Throughout the session we discovered more and more, repetitive words to create drama, alliteration and rhyming words.

Week 5

Magazines and comics

We all loved this session!

There were a selection of magazines placed on the tables where we were free to read and browse. We were then asked to express our opinions on the articles and stories, then had to rate them after discussing the writers audience and aim.

Those who attended were all fantastic, I am so proud! 


What has been your favourite week and why?

How would you say you have improved?

4 thoughts on “Miss H-B’s Reading Club

  1. I liked performing poem’s, because I liked the poem’s that we learned about.
    I think my learning must improve during that week because I think I need to learn the poem’s a bit more.

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