Miss Jackson reading group.

As part of your independent learning, take these challenges to develop your  reading skills and knowledge.

Here’s a reading race which is a set of question mark. Bronze, silver and gold. Using the e book as you text to refer to, answer as many questions as you can. Who will go for gold?

Click on the link below for the ebook.



Who are the characters? Are they good or bad? Why?

Can you think of a similar character in another story?

Give an example of a good choice made in the story?


Can you retell the story using a range of adjectives and describtive language.

Do you like this book? Give a reason why.

How would you feel if you were the main character?


Can you summarise the story in a few key sentences.

What was the result of what the character chose to do?

What will happen next and why?


20 thoughts on “Miss Jackson reading group.

  1. silver
    1.this is the tale of the wildlife park and it started in a place were everyone enjoyed it.
    2.i love this book because its the best story ever.
    3. i feel happy because they all enjoyed it so much.
    to miss jackson

  2. 1.the character are the quiglys mum,dad,lucy and will.Bronze:
    2. they are good because they liked the animals.
    3.the witches are character in another story.

    1.i like this book because the animals are realy interesting.
    2.i would feel realy happy because i realy like lions and jaguars.
    1.mum,dad.lucy and will went zoo to see animals.
    2.they chose to look at the jaguars next.

  3. 1. The characters were the quiglys
    2.they were all good because they like animals.
    4. lucy was looking forward to the childrens farm yard with its lop earded rabbit.

  4. 1.the characters are the Quigleys which are mum,dad,will and lucy i think they are good
    2.yes i can think of charlie and the chocolate factory.
    3.will was brave and saved his sister
    1.the enormes rino tummy was rumbling and will was being very careful not to get eaten.
    2.i liked this story because its helps are fun learning about fascinating animals.
    3.IF I was the main character because it would be scary if i was eaten.
    1.will mum dad and lucy went to the zoo and lucy wanted to see the little animal but she went in the wrong enclosure.
    2.will choose to save his sister.
    3.lucy will never go to the zoo

  5. 1/the qiglys/mum/lusy/will/dad.


    3/if they did not go to the lions it’s safer.

    1/will was tiptoing to the froshus lions but the lions road and he fell back

    2/ because its the zoo and thers lions in the e book


    1/the qadlys gon ona trip

    2/he dident lick the lions

    3/i dont know


  6. 1.will/lucy/mum and dad.
    w2.lucy was kind and will was meen.
    3.i think the similar story is little red riding hood.
    4.i think my favourite part is when the lion made will jump and fall on the floor.

  7. 1. the characters are quigelys mum dad lucy and will and they family.they are good beaucause if they were bad they would treat the animals very badly.
    quesion 2.the three billy goat goats gruff is another same story to this story beaucause if the three billy goat gruff were bad they would like the troll.3. And not push him over the bridge and would never be mean

  8. bronze

    mom & dad where bad becuase they liked will know lots of learning & were not sorporting lucy and her mom smiled at with a sad face


    i really loved the ebook because its about lots of learning and end in lovely happy story

    lucy had climed out her back gate and walk away with a angry face on becuase mom & dad did not sorputte her

  9. 1 the charches are bad because will is saying qusetion and2 the carches are lucy,dad,mum and will.3 will made a good choies to be the tour guine.

  10. 1 the charcters are the quiglys names mum,dad,lucy and will.
    2.will is the same as perfect peter.
    3 will let lucy chose were to go next.
    1 I do like this book because it is about animals and i like animals.
    2 I would feel realy happy because i like animals and they got to go to meet the animals.

  11. Hello Kaiden, Well done for taking the time to read the blogs. You may answer the questions if you like. Every little helps to develop your reading skills.

  12. 1.The characters are the quiglys: Mum, Dad, Lucy and Will.
    2.they are good because if they were bad, they would not be good to the animals.
    3.The 3 billy goats gruff?
    4.Lucy was looking forward to the children`s farm yard with its lop eared rabbits.

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