Miss Redhead’s science club

Today in science club we have been looking at cornflour.


Why does corn flour behave the way it does?

Is it solid or liquid?

We made some cornflour and added more water than we were supposed to. What happened? Why did this happen?

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  1. Cornflour behaves the way it does because the particles in the mixture either are separate from each other or stick together which makes it a solid or a liquid. It also is a non newtonian fluid. A non newtonian fluid can differ in other ways. Also if you place your finger in slowly the particles will move out the way and if you place it in very fast the articles will stay in the same place.

    Cornflour is both a solid and a liquid because if you place cornflour on top of a speaker, the particles inside the fluid slowly pushes together which creates force. The cornflour then starts to move fast and it makes a solid. For example if you roll it in a ball, it turns into a solid but when you make the cornflour it is a liquid because the particles are away from each other.

  2. Cornflour behaves the way it does because the particles in the mixture either seperate from each other or stick together.

    By Simran and Siyaad.

  3. Cornflower behaves the way it does because it has non-Newtonian particles in it and it is also a liquid and a solid.because we added to much water the viscosity was very little because it was very runny.

  4. Cornflour acts the way it does because it is a half solid half liquid called a colloid.A colloid is a substance which one substance is microscopically dispensed insoluble particles is suspended throughout different substances.

  5. Corn flour reacts hike this because it contains colloids and non newtonias. The colloids is a substance that has strange partiales which suspend throughout other substances.
    Cornflour Is a liquid and a solid because it changes its state of matter.
    The cornflour we made stayed a liquid because the water made its viscosity thinner.

  6. Cornflour behaves the way it does because when it has been applied with force the viscosity increases.This happens because the particles get closer.
    Cornflour is a non-Newtonian liquid.A non-Newtonian liquid is a liquid that has different characteristics from a Newtonian liquid.
    The cornflour was just a bit thick because there was to little viscosity

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