Miss Redhead’s science club

This week in science club we have been exploring how buildings work. We thought about why buildings stand strong. We learnt why they don’t collapse under the weight of the people and the furniture inside.

Can you tell me why a building might fall and collapse?

what would happen if the central brick was removed from a wall and why?

We applied our knowledge to create secure structures out of pasta and play dough.

image image image image

4 thoughts on “Miss Redhead’s science club

  1. A building might collapse if its centre brick of gravity was removed.If the centre brick of gravity is removed,the building will collapse because the gravity is being pulled by that brick so the entire building is relying on that one brick.
    Builders have a VERY hard job!

  2. A building might collapse because in every building there is a central brick.

    If the central brick was removed, the whole building will fall down because gravity is relying on that brick. That brick keeps the whole building up.

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