Miss Redhead’s science club

This week in science club we have been exploring how vacuums work.

We placed a candle floating on water and covered it with a jar and placed the jar on some coins.

As the fire used up all the oxygen it went out. Once it went out we noticed the water level rise inside the jar. Because the flame heated the air inside the jar it expanded, but once the flame was extinguished the air cooled rapidly and condensed. This created a vacuum which sucked the water up into the jar.

What else can you tell me about vacuums?

When might we need to use a vacuum?

What can you tell me about the vacuum in space?

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8 thoughts on “Miss Redhead’s science club

  1. Vacuums suck up all the air and molecules that is in the container.We might need a vacuum to suck up something that is not in reach.The vacuum in space in not really strong.There are many vacuums in NASA to experiment what happens in space

  2. Vacuum is also knows as ‘free space’. A lower gas pressure means a higher quality vacuum. A vacuum cleaner for example, produces enough suction to reduce air pressure.

  3. When we did a science investigation with a : vacuum,pennies and a candle. Miss Redhead lit the candle and the we put a pot over the top and when it lit out the water went up. This can be used in many different ways

  4. The vacuums in outer space is space its self.( The gravitation fields)
    We might use a vacuum when turning on a fan or when putting a jar on a candle.

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