Miss Redhead’s science club – light and reflection

Hi everyone,

this week we have been exploring how light works and how we see things.




Does the the reflection angle equal the angle of incidence?

What is the incidence line?

How does light travel?

How do we see?

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  1. The angle of reflection and the angle of incident is the same.We carried out an expirement to show if they were the same.This was true.This is because we wrote the angles down and measured them with a protractor.

    The incidence is between the incoming Ray and the normal.

    Light travels when the sun hits the object and then we see it.

  2. Yeah!😎
    I know this because we did some test to check,and it showed us.
    At the point of incidence where the ray strikes the mirror, a line can be drawn perpendicular to the surface of the mirror.
    Light travels as a wave.

  3. 1.the reflection angle does equal the incidence angle.
    2.The incidence line is the line that is reflected from the light source.
    3.light travels by reflecting.
    4.we see when the light source bounces on to an object and when it bounces into our eyes.

    Your eyes have holes in them that is how we see

  4. Yes because the reflection of angle shined which made the reflection of incidence.

    The incidence line is when it reflects off the mirror. It bounces off the mirror.

    Light travels from the sun. We look by the light from the sun reflects onto any object to let us see. This makes us see everything. We can still see in the dark because there is a bit of light coming in. When we are outside in the dark, the moon reflects the light.

  5. Yes.
    I know this because the reflection angle shows the angle of the reflection and the incidence line bounces of the object.The incidence line is the line that bounces of the object and it goes into our eyes.

  6. The reflection of the angle and the angle of incidence are equal.The incidence line is the line that reflects off the light source.The light travels in a straight line.The light travels to the object you are looking at then travels to your eye.

  7. The angle of the reflection is the same as the angle of the incedence. We tested it and used the protractor to measure the angle. It turned out they both were the same.

    The incidence line is the light line which travel to the object or mirror.

    Light travels in straight lines only. When it hits the mirror it reflects in straight lines,not curved.

    We see things by a light source. E.g.,the Sun gives light and the light reflects of the object and travels to the eye.

  8. We tested and found out that the incidence and the reflection angle is equal.the angle of incidence is the angle that’s reflected from the light source.Light travels in a strait line there are no bends.People see by the sun shining on an object and then it reflects into your eye.

  9. The angle of reflection did equal the angle of incidence when we measured them with protractors .

    The incidence line is the angle that reflects the light source .

    For light to travel , it has to have a light source and an object . The line of incidence reflects the light of the light source , and hits the object . From the object , the line of reflection takes the light into your eyes .

  10. Yes the reflection angle is equal as the angle of incidence.The angle of incidence is the reflection of the light.light travelsfrome the sun onto the object and reflects to our eyes.

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