Miss Redhead’s science club – water molecules

IMG_0311[1]This week in science club we were investigating how the water molecules work.

We answered this question: do solids dissolve quicker in hot or cold water?

What can you tell me about the investigation we carried out?

What can you tell me about the water molecules?

How could we do this investigation differently in the future?




8 thoughts on “Miss Redhead’s science club – water molecules

  1. As we put the health salt and the baking powder into the beakers, I saw that the hot water was quicker for dissolving for each chemical.

    Water Molecules are transparent fluid that forms lakes, river and more. The Molecules are separated around the liquid which makes them flow. As the move, they go around different molecule but they never join or form a solid.

    We could have different kinds of liquids such as cold boiled water and hot boiled water. We could test it with ice cold water and really hot water. If we had chlorine water, we could test it out on that to see if still works (it has different chemicals in it).

  2. Solids do dissolve in hot water quicker and this is because of the water molecules. They are little organisms that stick together. They tore apart the solid.

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