Miss Redhead’s science club

imageThis week in science club we looked at gases produced in chemical reactions.

What can you tell me about the investigation we carried out?

What gas did you produce?

How do you know?

What type of chemical is vinegar?

What type of chemical is baking powder?




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  1. This week in science club we mixed vinegar (an acid) and baking powder (an alkaline) next to a lit up candle with a half covered jar over it. The chemical form of baking powder is NACHA 3 and for the vinegar it is HAH 3 OO. The result was the candle’s fire blew out and the mixture got bubbly. We produced CO 2.

  2. We carried out that if you pour powder around the candle then put it on fire and cover a bit of the candle then quickly pour vinegar on the powder.We produced carbon dioxide.

  3. We found out that when you light a candle and mix vinegar and baking powder the fire will burn out.This was because the chemical reaction burnt it.The vinegar is acid.The baking powder is alkali.

  4. When you put baking powder with vinigar under a candle and put a pot half way on top , oxygen is slowly getting removed from the flame because of the co2 , therefore the flame goes out.
    We produced co2 (carbon dioxide )
    I know because the co2 made the oxygen die slowly making the flame go.
    Vinigar is a acid.
    Baking powder is a alkaline.

  5. I can tell you that our investigation was to find out how they keep the vinegar and baking powder in the same fire extinguisher.Also that if you mix baking powder and vinegar together you get CO2.

  6. When we put baking powder into the pot with the candle in, we put vinegar in it started to foam up. Then we put more in and it foamed up more. It foamed up slowly. A few minutes later, it started to pop away. The gas we produced is CO2. I know this because when we put the jar over the candle halfway through, there was more carbon dixiode than oxygen which meant that the candle blew out. Vinegar is an acid. Baking powder is alkaline.

  7. I learnt that if you mix vinegar and baking powder together it makes CO2. It is foamy. Vinegar is an acid and baking powder is alkaline. I know it is CO2 because there was oxygen but there was more carbon dioxide so the candle went out.

  8. To start , we filled the edges of the candle with baking soda( an alkaline ) . As the candle was lit , we covered most of it with a coffee pot and squirted vinegar ( an acid )on then baking soda . The collision of an acid and alkaline created CO2 (carbon dioxide). After around a minute of squirting vinegar at the baking powder , the fire went out because less oxygen could get to it and the Carbon dioxide consumed all of the oxygen

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