Miss Smith’s G+T Science club Week 4

This week we have been deciding the best design for a raft. At the beginning we predicted that heavy rafts would always sink, for example one made of wood.

We then explored which shape of paper raft would hold the largest number of cubes before it would sink.

We found that the bigger paper rafts were best at floating and it helped if we added the cubes slowly and placed them evenly onto the raft. As you can see in the video, Ismail created the most successful raft. It was large and he folded the edges up. Unfortunately, we weren’t all so successful!


We soon decided we would like to investigate with a waterproof material so we tried tin foil.

Eesa’s raft held over 100 cubes and STILL did not sink. This told us that our prediction was wrong… not all ‘heavy’ objects sink.

Can you research WHY objects float or sink? There will be a prize for the best answer.

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