Miss Smith’s G+T Science club

Today we held the very first G+T Science club and what a fantastic start we had!

Firstly, we were set a challenge…

Week 1

So does toast ALWAYS land butter side down? We were happy to investigate. We changed lots of variables such as height of the fall, force, amount of butter and size of bread.  Have a little look at what we got up to…

We found that toast DOESN’T always land butter side down…. but it usually does! Some of us thought the amount of force affected our results and others thought it depends on the way we drop the toast.

CHALLENGE FOR MISS SMITH’S CLUB: Can you write a letter for Mayor Quandary to explain how we carried out our investigation and what we found? I think she would be very interested to hear your thoughts! Bring your letters to Miss Smith for a prize!

6 thoughts on “Miss Smith’s G+T Science club

  1. I always have that problem with my toast. I think it falls on the buttered side because of gravity pulling the heaviest side first- am I right?
    PS Well done on cleaning your mess!

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