Modern or Tudor clothing?

Today we had the chance to travel back in time to the Tudor period. We had the chance to try on some clothes from this time and now we want to compare them to the clothes we wear today.

What main differences can you see between the clothes we wear today and the clothes that were worn in the Tudor era?


How might the Tudors have felt wearing this style of clothing?


How is would you feel if you had to wear the clothes from the Tudor era everyday?

9 thoughts on “Modern or Tudor clothing?

  1. The clothes are different because…they didn’t have the clothes which we had but we got Nike tops and addias shoes.The Tudors have might felt sad because they didn’t have the clothes like us but we are lucky because we have different shoes and different tops and different bags.i will feel sad because if I was wearing this a will be so sad and I will feel a little bit happy and I love being rich.

  2. WOW looks like green table had a great time. IF I had to wear things from the Tudor era I wouldn’t be happy because the Tudor clothes might be itchy and uncomfortable also I LIKE WEARING Clothes everyday with different styles.

  3. Tell me difference between colours, materials, where they came from, patterns etc.
    Did you see any clothes with a logo for example? Why were the textures different?

  4. I like it because I feel rich and ☝️✋️🤚🖖👋💪🖕✍️🤳🏻🤳🏻💅🏻💍💄💋👄👅👂🏻👃🏻👣👶🏻👀👁🗣👧🏻👴🏻👱🏻👮‍♀️👦🏻👨‍🎓💂🏻💅🏻👴🏻👀👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👠👠👠👑

  5. I think that modern cloths are different then the poor cloths.
    I think the modern tudors will feel royal and rich.
    If I was a modern Tudor wearing the modern cloths I would feel great and amazing.

    Rebeca and Hargun

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