Monday 11th May – 4R Topic: Henry VIII’s Six Wives

Welcome to a new week year 4. Well done to those children completing work on all three subject blogs every day- excellent work. Don’t forget there are also blogs for you on the PE and Art British Values and DT blogs!

So far in topic we have learned all about the tyrannical Henry VIII and the Tudor Family. Today we will be researching his 6 wives in more detail- Who were they? Why were they chosen? Why did each of their relationships with Henry VIII end?

BRONZE: Watch the Horrible Histories song above.
1) What is the rhyme we use to remind ourselves of the order and fate of Henry’s 6 wives?

2) Complete the six sentences one of these words from the rhyme:
divorced, beheaded, died or survived.
Wife 1: Catherine of Aragon was __________________
Wife 2: Anne Boleyn was _______________
Wife 3: Jane Seymour ________________
Wife 4: Anne of Cleves was ________________
Wife 5: Kathryn Howard was _______________
Wife 6: Catherine Parr _________________

SILVER: Use the link to research Henry VIII’s six wives.
Post the information you collected about a wife of your choice in the comments.

For each wife write down this information:
What was her name?:
What year did she marry Henry?:
Did she have any children?
How did her relationship with Henry end?
What else did we know about her?

GOLD: Create a dating history booklet about Henry’s Wives!
-Follow the instructions in the video below to make a booklet out a piece of paper.
-Create a front cover, then on each page inside draw each wife and write down the most interesting facts you have discovered about them
-Look at my example below to help you.

-Send a photo of your finished booklet to

My example- I think yours will be much better than mine!

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  1. Bronze
    Divorced, Beheaded and Died Divorced, Beheaded, Survived
    Wife 1: Catherine of Aragon was divorced.
    Wife 2: Anne Boleyn was beheaded.
    Wife 3: Jane Seymour died.
    Wife 4: Anne of Cleves was divorced.
    Wife 5: Kathryn Howard was beheaded.
    Wife 6: Catherine Parr survived.
    I have done this task. I will be sending it shortly.

  2. Bronze
    1. Divorced, beheaded, die, divorce, beheaded, survive.
    2. Catherine of Aragon divorced
    3.Anne Boleyn died of beheading
    4.Jane Seymour died of postpartum period
    5.Anne Cleves was dead because she had cancer
    6.Kathryn Howard died by getting beheaded
    7.Catherine Parr died by child birth

    Catherine of Aragon married Henry on 1533
    Name:Catherine of Aragon
    realtionship ended: Divorced
    Children: She had no children

    Name:Anne Boleyn
    She married Henry on 1536
    children: 1

    Jane Seymour married Henry on 1937
    Name: Jane Seymour
    Died: postpartum period

    Anne Cleves married Henry on 1940
    Name: Anne Celves
    Died: cancer

    Kathryn Howard married Henry on 1942
    Name: Kathryn Howard
    Died: beheading

    Catherine Parr married Henry on 1947
    Name: Catherine Parr
    Died: child birth

  3. Bronze
    1. Divorced, be headed and died ,divorced, be heading and survived.
    2.Catharine of Aragon was divorced.
    Anne Boleyn was beheaded.
    Jane Seymour died.
    Anne of Cleeves was divorced.
    Kathryn Howard was beheaded.
    Catherine Parr survived.
    Name: Catherine Parr
    Was married to Henry VIII 12th July 1547, she had a daughter called Mary Seymour, Henry died before Catherine Parr , Catherine Parr died 5th September at Sudeley Castle.

  4. Cathrine of aragon was divorced
    Annie bolen had a daughter
    Jane seymour gave a son little ed
    Annie cleaves was divorced
    Cathrene howard had a 19 year old child
    Cathrene parr was alive

  5. Wife 1: Catherine of Aragon was one and gave no son.
    Wife 2: Anne Boleyn was two and she gave a daughter which was the best she could do.
    Wife 3: Jane Seymour was three and a love of a lifetime for me.
    Wife 4: Anne of Cleves was four and he fell for the portrait he saw.
    Wife 5: Kathryn Howard was five and she was a child of 19 so alive.
    Wife 6: Catherine Parr was last and by then all his best days were past.

  6. Bronze
    1.Catheron of aggeren was 1.
    2.annoe bolayne was 2.
    3.Jane symour was third.
    4.Anne cleaves was fourth.
    5.Kathryn Howard was fifth.
    6.Catthren parr was last and king Henry the 8th died that time.

  7. Bronze
    Anne Boleyn was 2.
    Jane seyomore was clever .
    Annes Cleves was the last one to die.
    Kathryn Howdard had a daughter.
    Catherine parr was last.

    • Good try Mishal but look at question properly you have to fill in the missing words from the rhyme: For example,

      Catherine of Aragon was divorced
      and so on…
      Please try again the bronze challenge.

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