Monday 18th May- Year 5 Home Learning: Topic

Good morning Year 5!

Your Topic learning for today will require you to use your imagination!

Imagine your brand new attraction is open! It is exactly as you have planned, with the layout you created in your floor-plan. The entrance has your designed logo on the front, the number of staff you chose to use are there to help, and all the animals you included in your plan are settled, cared-for and ready to show off for visitors!

Imagine you are a customer visiting your attraction for the day. Write a diary entry describing the experience of visiting your new attraction. This will need to be detailed; I want to feel as if I’m walking around your attraction and experiencing it too!

Think about the sights and sounds, the smells and the feel of the place. If you move from a warm, desert zone into a cold, arctic zone I want to know how the temperature change feels! What colours do you experience? Smells? How do the animals move? They’re all different and will behave differently and I want to know this.

I expect at least a page of descriptive writing here. And when I read it, I expect to believe completely that it was written by someone who actually walked around your attraction, so make it realistic and believable!!

As always, remember to email your work to us:

72 thoughts on “Monday 18th May- Year 5 Home Learning: Topic

  1. Yesterday, was one of the best days of my life. I got to visit the new Petruchio’s petting zoo full of enjoyment and excitement.

    Llama land
    The first zone I walked towards was Llama land, it was full of different varieties of Llamas.
    There were interactive boards and staff that were full of enthusiasm guided us through.

    Farmyard fun
    Next we ventured into the farmyard fun area where there was a diverse range of animals to pet. The endearing animals such as the cows, goats and sheep seemed to be engaged with us especially when we had handfuls of food.

    The wild west
    I was giddy with excitement about the next zone the wild west because of the exhilarating show we were about to watch. Some of the shows were full of laughter and others were jam- packed with action for people from all ages.

    Pets corner
    We headed onwards towards the pets corner where there was an array of pets which we could handle including the giant tortoise.

    Romeo’s pizza and BBQ
    We followed the map until we came across Romeo’s pizza and BBQ. We knew that we had arrived there because of the delicious smells that were encircling the air around us. We decided to get Romeo’s special burger which let me tell you was to die for!

    African Adventure
    To end our journey through Petruchio’s petting zoo we finished at the African adventure which was an energetic, bustling playground for all to enjoy. A perfect end to a perfect day!

  2. Wow as I walked down the high street with my mum something caught
    my eye. A bright, neon with saying welcome to new aquarium centre. As I
    walked in, I was gobsmacked there were so many people and such a
    magical atmosphere. staff were on hand to guide everyone through. We had a guided tour fish tanks were lit up with coloured lights and
    beautiful rockery ornaments. It was such a great experience and the sounds of the waterfall that was so soothing and relaxing I almost fell
    asleep.Also at the end of the tour, went in the gift shop souvenirs and gifts
    galore, it was a great day.

    • Woah Scarlett! I am impressed, love the detail, use of expanded noun phrases! I felt like I was the one attending the new attraction! To improve this further think about your fronted adverbials and how you could have a range of sentence starters! e.g. quickly, ,Within a second, After, etc.

  3. Dear Diary ,
    Today me and my little cousin I was babysitting visited the new tourist attraction that had opened up at my street I was so excited to see it but my cousin was even more excited. When we entered there was this huge glittery sign saying ‘WELCOME’ The staff were very friendly and helpful especially in finding the different animal areas we transferred from one area each one different from a hot,sandy dessert area (meerkats) to a cold, frosty area (penguins)🐧🐧🐧 . Me and my cousin definitely had fun moving around like the animals for rabbits🐇 we hopped about for penguins we waddled for snakes we slithered across a mat given to us my favourite ani mal to see was the cheetah🐆 because it is one of my favourite animals for its movement we had a race on all fours because the cheetah is one of the fastest animals in the world! I was a little bit nervous as I was touching the Colorado river toad🐸 as it was slimy and a little creepy my cousin ran behind me because he was very scared. The giant panda was my cousin’s favourite because it was so cute 💗😊 at the end they had a huge pet store were there were different cute pets for sale hamsters 🐹 ,puppies 🐶🐕, monkeys🐒🐵 and fishes 🐟 also cats🐈 at the end we bought a pet dog and called it Bruno my cousin was so happy .

  4. Diary entry
    When i came out of my car 🚘 i felt like i was in paradise and smelt beautiful fresh air going through my noise as soon as i open my eyes 👀my eyes were watering with flowers 💐because it was beautiful and was full with gigantic animals 🐃🐅🐊🐩and they all liked me because i liked them sooooo much .😂 Suddenly a bird came on my back and i thought it said dont go Stay here. After a While all of of the animals went to sleep and I quietly tip toed back home so the animals don’t wake up.

    The end

  5. Dear Diary,
    I was going to the shops in the City Centre while I was going I heard so much animal noises and I wondered what it could possibly be? So I decided to check and it was my dream Job! So I was really excited to see it and I was literally SCREAMING!!!! I said I want to go there when I’m bigger. And now I’m really big and I own a very big Zoo it even has an aquarium, restaurant and a Theme park and I earn £1,019,280 every year!

    • Dear Diary, I read a comment on the blog today from a child in my class called Hishaam. I was literally SCREAMING!!!! when I read it because I realised that he didn’t read the instructions properly and therefore got the work wrong. I wish with all my heart that Hishaam reads this comment so he knows he’s made a mistake. That way, he can read the blog again and complete the work properly. I can’t wait for that to happen, it would be so magical and will top off the best day ever, what with the squadron of pigs landing in my garden to enjoy tea with the tooth fairy as well! The best of days!

      • Dear Diary,
        I was going to the shops in the City Centre and while I was walking I saw a zoo and in the zoo, I saw so many things such as an aquarium, animals, a restaurant, a waterpark and an enormous Themepark! I could smell so much food like samosas, rice, chicken, spaghetti and some desserts too. And when I tasted some of the food some tasted sweet and some were sour and even some were spicy. I could hear so many animals like the giraffe was eating and the birds chirping and the elephant was making funny noises I could feel smoke and air across my body.

  6. Once i was walking i saw a hill. The hill was huge and very tall. I went up the hill and down the hill and saw a park. I ran to the park and said “it’s the cash lane park.” So i decided to go and see it. It had a car park but it was small maybe only for 5 cars to park.
    I made a plan the plan was to make another car park.
    I called my friend to come and help me choose the place to make another car park for the cars. We decided together were we should do it and we got up with… The place was on the other street because there was an big empty space so we used it to make a car park.

    • This is supposed to be a diary entry about your attraction in Stratford. Giving a description of the different things you saw, with lots of adjectives.

  7. Dear diary,

    When I went into the aquarium everyone was acting nicely be respectful taking good care of the glass not breaking it.The members were helping me and going with me on a tour around the aquarium and it smelt beautiful like fresh nature.

  8. It was a magnificent sight,trees danced happily, gazelles ran majestically.Cubs cuddled with their parents for warmth,dolphins doing magnificent feats.To any visitor it gave a wave of happiness and peace .I was amazed at the sheer speed of everything the employees hard at work ,the amazing scenery, it was picturesque.

    • Nehemia, I like the vocabulary you are using but remember this is a diary entry in first person. So think about what you can see when you walk in?, what can you smell? How does it make you feel?

  9. One I was walking with my mum then I saw a shop it was my dream shop but it had been had the same designers as I wanted the same pets and the same staff.

  10. Dear diary,
    When me and my friend went Black Friday shopping, we encountered a colourful sign, it said, “Opening a Fowl Sanctuary, today at 6 pm, we will have a party as a fresh start to the opening of Feathery Asylum”. The time was 5:30, so we rushed to the destination. This was a good trip as the name was catchy. When we finally arrived, customers were buying tickets and there was a extensive crowd and loud chattering. When we peaked through the gate, there were different kinds of birds squabbling in the distance, originated from a magician, turning items into fowls. That is why this was a fresh start. When this magic show ended, everyone went to the reception, which was just on the right, showed the tickets to the reception worker, and rushed to the wild. Me and my mate was going to be next in the line, so we prepared. Finally, we went in the wild, and it felt like a different dimension. Birds chirping, flying in their habitat and more. The sight was amazing. We then spent hours in the backwoods, and it was the time to go. I will never forget this place and I would go there again. Recommended.

  11. First day at Sea life Centre

    I was looking forward to this day for years, years of planning and seconds away, as I approached the main road in my electric car, I was wondering why there was a tv crew , and a very long queue . There must have been at least 300+ people in the queue , it took 1hours in traffic, but when I got to the car park and saw the amount of people, adults, young children with large smiles on there faces , I knew that it was worth it . There was a huge queue at the ticket office , the faces of employees enjoying there job, the welcome at the door , What a day.
    I never imagined it would be so busy, Adults laughing like children. What a wonderful day, I even forgot to drink my coffee in my office, wow what a day huge success.
    Later that day , at the closing time, l was so proud of the employees everything went well children coming and hugging me mum and dads , saying “ they really enjoyed seeing the different fishes and the boat ride with the dolphins” , this really got me happy l felt as of l was top of the world.

      • Walking into the entrance and see the pictures of the different fishes, and what they are called , the wonderful colours and sizes.
        Threw the bright colourful hall way entering in the tank area, were there is a quiz board which contains a wonderful information board, we have over 50 different tanks with different fishes.
        That’s not all ,as you make your way threw the tank area heading into tube fly over the Avon river seeing some of colourful fishes swimming from one side to the other, just talking your breath away, wow what a beautiful site.
        Finally finishing with a attraction on river Avon, were in closed area you can take boat ride with dolphins, such amazing Boat ride is only found in this Sea Life Centre in Stafford upon Avon. My dream for Stratford Upon Avon has come true.

  12. As soon as I went to the entrance and there was a massive attractive logo for the zoo.The people were looking after the birds so nicely and they were behaving so well and playing together.It was one of the best zoos I ever went to it was nice and big and it was even clean.

    • Okay Adam a good start, but think about what you could see, what you did there. You can not go to the Zoo and only be there for 10 seconds! Think about every step you took!

  13. Dear diary 📔,
    Today I am going to the new local zoo with my 11 year old daughter called khadija.She was having a good time there looking at all the animals.She dreamed at home when she was sleeping 💤.She was dreaming of a pet parrot 🦜.When she woke up she screamed”PARROT WERE ARE YOU”.I came in and said “WHAT is all this screaming 😱.”She stood silently and went downstairs to eat breakfast.When she was eating her breakfast 🥞 she was thinking of going to the zoo again but she knew her mum would obviously 🙄 say NO.

    The end

    • I don’t think the dreaming bit works. You’ve also switched from the perspective of the parent to the child. We wanted you to write about the trip to the zoo and what it was like.

  14. As soon as I walked in, I felt welcomed already. All kinds of species were desperate to come with me. Zone after zone, from a cold breeze to a warm breeze. I was amazed. I had never seen this many animals like me. I had a really fun time with them. I fed them their favourite food, played with them and so much more. The amount I paid was definitely worth it considering I had a fun time. It was a pleasure to visit and I will come again soon…

  15. Dear Diary,
    Today was one of the best day’s of my life,I went to ZOO KINGDOM it was a wonderful experience .We had a look at the animals and got to touch some of them.The Zoo was massive and it was tidy,the way they kept and treated the animals was amazing.The animals place was so neat and organised really well.The staff was very helpful and cooperative.I went to see the animals there were 3 sections,the first section was Rhinos they were spectacular I had never seen anything like them before they were gigantic and ran fast.
    The second section was different kind of birds some were parrots and they even copied what we said, they looked cute and colourful,the last section was mind blowing dolphin we even got to swim with them they were gentle and caring.
    We were hungry so we went to the cafeteria they had delicious food they even gave us animal gummy’s I almost thought they were real.We had a wonderful time at ZOO KINGDOM it was the best.

    • Hi Inaaya,
      Well done for giving this a go. Really good effort. Just check some of the words please. The sentence “The staff was very helpful” does not make much sense. Think about your use of ‘was’ and ‘were’.
      Keep up the hard work. Well done to you! :)

  16. Me and my cousin were walking down the street minding our own business . When suddenly my dream Shop was just two streets away from us. It looked the same and had the same staff working there but It didn’t belong to me. I went in and the staff were very helpful and polite and it smelled fresh and clean and I saw a lot of great majestic animals I could hear birds chirping . I enjoyed as the smell was great and mild . :-)

  17. Dear diary
    Today I set to my local new zoo I went with my 10 year old son . It is affordable and fun for children and adults .
    Salem wanted to go to stay and play first . We were quite unlucky because today it was busy and there were long lines but it was worth it to see my son this happy was a pleasure and we’ll come here more often . When we finally got in to stay and play it was wild pup our they had just been fed and nibble a lot so it means they were teething . They were adorable with their white fluffy for slowly but surely we made our way to the theme park
    But now are time we played for was up so we quickly checked out the enclosures had one 10 minute on the arcade and left xx

  18. As soon as I got out of my car in the car park, something caught my attention the sign and logo! It was so cool! It was called gold gates . The gates opened and the animals looked like they were having such a good time and they were trained not to attack people we came in! They were so cute. The toys for the animals look nice as the animals loved it so much! The field was big and long so the animals can run around and have some exercise ! We went inside to the front desk and we saw all the cat and dog Penels there were beds, food water and toys and leashes! I would of liked to be a cat or dog myself! We went inside where it was nice and warm there was a lovely lady at the front desk and she showed us the way to see what cat or dog we would like to adopt! We adopted a dog and cat because they wouldn’t fight. We had to sign some papers which was okay! We took the cat and dog home with their beds, food bowl lead and toys!
    And a name tag. The name tags were shiny and had their names on it! The dogs name was Rex and the cats name was snowy! On the way out we were talking them home by lead’s! We put them in the car and we drove out the nice car park! -Lexi

  19. As soon as I walked in I could hear birds tweeting all around me. It smelt like fresh water from a beatiful waterfall. I could see so much birds from different species and places. I luckily got to feed some of the beatiful birds with the bird food at the reception desk. There were so much I couldn’t pick which ones to feed. The best thing was the second floor which had dozens of tropical birds flying around me. Birds from Australia and even The Amazon rainforest were in the same room as me. I will definitely come back here again soon.

  20. I was walking when I saw my local shop I wanted it but it had been taken he had the same staff I wanted the same sweets I wanted and I didn’t know he had the same local shop as I did so I came up with a new car and became the happiest person in the world.

    • Reyan!

      My only concern is the lack of full stops, this is one huge sentence and quite repetitive. Could you have another go please?

      Think about when you walk in:
      What could you see?
      What could you hear?
      What did you do?
      What did you touch?
      Where did you go?
      Who did you speak to?
      What could you smell?

    • Reyan, please read your work. It does not make sense. You need to think about your attraction. What would you see inside and how does it make you feel?

    • Reyan- this looks very much like Abdi’s work! You should thank Abdi for his work, although he has a few corrections to make. We want to see You Making Progress and not simply using the copy and paste function. Have a go yourself Reyan, we expect a full page of descriptive writing from you. Email your completed work over to If you need help then let us know, we will support you. Thank you.

  21. When I walked in it felt like I was in an a zoo and when I went to pet the animals they were behaving very nicely. The staff were very nice to me and they helped me around the attraction. It smelt like animals and wasn’t stinky inside because the staff were working very hard trying not to lose business. The temperature was very mild and very cool.

  22. When I walked in it felt like I was in an a zoo and when I went to pet the animals they were behaving very nicely. The staff were very nice to me and they helped me around the attraction. It smelt like animals and wasn’t stinky inside because the staff were working very hard trying not to lose business. The temperature was very mild and very cool.

    • Harun, good start but how would you start a diary entry? Also I would like you to choose some more powerful vocabulary. What other words could you use instead of nice?

    • Some interesting thoughts! Remember you can include setting description here from the child’s perspective! What could they see? This is a good start :)

  23. Me and my mum were walking when I saw my dream shop I wanted it but it had been taken he had the same staff I wanted the same pets I wanted and the same designers I didn’t know he had the same dream shop as I did so I came up with a new dream car and became the happiest person

    • Well done for giving this a go Abdi! You have some nice ideas. However, can you read this without taking a break?… There is no punctuation in your sentence, not even a full stop :(
      You need commas in between for a pause and a full stop at the end of every sentence.
      Please can you change this and comment your improved writing below. Thank you!

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