Monday 22nd February- Year 5 Home Learning: Maths

Good morning and welcome back to school Year 5!

Today’s Maths lesson will take place using Learning by Questions.

You have 2 tasks to complete today on Learning by Questions.

Please log in using your class’ code below, and complete the tasks to the best of your ability.

5W= nhyf

5R= rjzc

(Star groups: Task 3 Raees, Marley, Lisa)

103 thoughts on “Monday 22nd February- Year 5 Home Learning: Maths

  1. I have added my name on the list and created a code number 8, colour grey, object pencil. And it keeps on popping up waiting for teachers response.

    • That is ok. It means we are learning. Mixed number fractions work like this.
      10/3 = 3 whole ones and 1/3. Because there are 3 lots of 3 in 10 and 1 leftover.
      So you complete the top number (numerator) divide by the bottom number (denominator) and this gives us the whole number and remainders go into a fraction with the denominator you started with. We can discuss it on our zoom call in the morning too. I hope this helped.

    • I have had problems with LBQ today too Timothy. I can see you have done really well up to 19. Thank you for letting me know.
      Can you explain what the equivilent fraction is 14/2?

  2. Mr Mashford I’m confused on the pick your colour, number and object I don’t know what to do at that bit and my name wasn’t on the list.

    • Well done Mishal, you seemed to struggle a little with identifying equivalent fractions.

      Use the colours and shade the pictures that have been provided to support.

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