Money week – 4 Blue

Listen to interviews in 4 Blue. Children talk about what they have learnt during Money week and why money is important. Children also discussed whether high cost means a higher quality product. This was our ‘big’ question in year 4.

After visiting Sainsbury’s with a ‘tight’ budget, children bought a range of products for different brands. Some were expensive brands and others were cheaper.

Next, 4 Blue carried out a taste test to find out if expensive products tasted better than cheaper brands. The results were certainly interesting!

4 Blue also looked at how people earn money and how different jobs may earn different amounts. Children realised that to have a well paid job, people often work hard and put in a lot of hours. 

3 thoughts on “Money week – 4 Blue

  1. when we had our taste test I found out to me that high cost dose mean high quality.I also found out that all of them was the best taste to me.

  2. It looks like they had a great time!I thought that high cost did not mean high quality as some products from more popular brands did not taste as better than the lowest brands

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