Mosaic Mentoring-Final session

The final session has now taken place and I must admit I felt a little sad that the group would no longer meet each Wednesday afternoon. I am however extremely excited about the upcoming graduation that will take place on Friday 10th July. Letters will be sent out to the parents with all the information that is needed.
I am sure it will be an amazing day for an amazing group of children.

20 thoughts on “Mosaic Mentoring-Final session

  1. I really enjoyed the mosaic it is fun i also i improved my confidence i have speaked clearly made eye contact and didn’t fidget when i was talking
    florida malaj :)

  2. I enjoyed Mosaic class because the mentors helped me to understand more. Before coming to Mosaic class, I didnt know the things that I learnt in Mosaic but know I know. I have gained a lot from Mosaic class.

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