Mr Carter’s Young Animal Research

If you are in Mr Carter’s topic group, look at the document below:

Baby animals – growing up EAL

Can you answer these questions:

  1. What is a young butterfly called?
  2. What is a young frog called?
  3. How does a young ladybird look different to an adult?
  4. Where does a duckling come from?

19 thoughts on “Mr Carter’s Young Animal Research

  1. Hani
    “Nocturnal animals they eat in the night. A baby butterfly is a cocoon caterpillar. In the night a animal can see in the dark and look for food.”

  2. Shai-John
    “A baby butterfly is a caterpillar.”
    “A baby frog is a tadpole and a baby ladybird is a larvae”

    “A baby duckling is a duck.”
    “Nocturnal animals all wake up at night to look for food.”

  3. Ilyas and Matthew

    A young butterfly is called as caterpillar.
    A young frog is a tadpole which come from frogspawn.
    A ladybird comes from a larvae. A larvae is orange, black and yellow. They are smaller than the adult ladybird.
    Egg then duckling then duck.

  4. A Frogspawn into a tadpole then it can turn into a frog.
    A caterpillar can turn into a con then tomorrow you can see now it is a butterfly.
    The baby was Black and yellow.
    A egg can turn into a duckling and a duckling can turn into a duck.
    A larvae can turn into a ladybird.

  5. A baby butterfly is called caterpillar, a young frog is called a tadpole. Baby ladybird is black and brown. Ducking come from egg.

  6. Abdullah and Ajad

    A baby butterfly is a caterpillar.
    A baby frog is a tadpole.
    The ladybird is black.
    A duckling hatches from egg.

  7. A butterflies Young is a caterpillar
    A baby frog is called tadpole.
    A baby ladybird looks like a ant, it’s small, red dots, all black brown.
    A duckling comes from a egg.

    And Alexandra

  8. A young butterfly is a caterpillar.
    A young frog is called a tadpole.
    The young ladybird was black, yellow and Orange.
    A duckling comes from egg.

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