Mr. Inman’s Minecraft problem!!

OK. I need some help. I’m trying to hide a chest from a friend in Minecraft, but my friend keeps finding my stuff. So I’m going to build 20 rooms, all the same size and hide the chest in one of them. I’m going to fill in 19 of the rooms with cobblestone and hope that he gets bored trying to dig out the cobblestone to find the chest. However I’m not sure how much cobblestone I need to fill in my 19 rooms.

My rooms have a square base, and the length of the base is 14 blocks. Each room is 5 blocks high. How many blocks will I need to fill in one of my rooms? How many blocks will I need to fill in 19 rooms? Remember that the area will only have a height of 4 because the top ceiling counts as one block. This will also affect the length of the base!

You can calculate this mathematically or make a room in Minecraft if you have it!!

If someone gets the answer correct then I’ll post a picture of my ‘Great Lighthouse of Alexandria’ on here!!!

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  1. the answer is 70 as when I played MINE-CRAFT I counted 70 blocks.
    2.the answer is 1330 as I used the expanded column method for multiplying.
    BY SAIF :) :) :) :) :)

    • Your answer is not correct. Remember, this is a volume question. You may wish to research how to calculate volume of a cuboid. I want to know how many blocks will fit inside my buildings!!

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