Mrs Begum’s Phonic Group.👋 Mehreen, Elyas,Rubab, Isah, Rhia, Josiah and Abdullahi.😊

Good morning 👋😊. Before you start I would like you to watch the video below to recap what we have learnt in our previous Phonic lessons.

Below are some videos for our new digraphs and trigraph we will be learning.

Trigraph 3 letters 1 sound.

Now I would like you to look around in your house and see if you can find something that has the “or”,”ar”and “air” sounds for example a Chair , pair of socks . It would be fantastic if you can find 3 items for each sound .It would be even more AMAZING 🤩 if you found more👍🏻Good luck!😊

Choose your favourite 3 things and write a sentence for each one 😊. I have a lovely pair of pink woolly socks to keep my feet warm.


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  1. Chair, stair, lair
    More, sore, lore
    Warm, farm, arm.

    I sit on chair.
    I went on stair.
    I have a small lair.
    I love you more,
    It looks sore.
    This has a good lore.
    This is warm.
    My arm is big.
    The farm is huge

  2. or door, razor, fork
    I eat my spaghetti with fork.
    ar car sharpener card
    I am making a card for my dad’s birthday.
    air hair brush, airpods, air fryer
    My mum makes food in air fryer.

    • Great sentences Adbdulahi👍🏻. I know how clever you are at detective work and I’m sure you can find some thing around the house with“or”,”ar”and “air” sounds. Try to find 3 things with each sound. When you to bed what do you climb up to get there?

  3. chair
    pair of socks
    homework book

    I found a chair to sit.
    I have a pair of socks.
    I have fun playing in the garden.
    The carpet looks comfy.
    I want to drive the car one day.
    I work on my homework book.