Mrs Carmans and Mrs Edwards Reading Challenge

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Hello 1E,

You voted for this book to be read in class today by Mrs Edwards. Who’s cool enough to complete our reading challenge? Try your hardest as we do have a prize for the most thoughtful answers. Good Luck!

1. Where do you find the authors name and what does author mean?

2. What is the title and why is a title important?

3. Did you like the book and why?

4.Do you think Dave is eating healthy?

5. Can you name us some healthy foods?

6. What is your favourite funniest part of the book?



7 thoughts on “Mrs Carmans and Mrs Edwards Reading Challenge

  1. Wow 1E! Your’e reading skills are certainly improving, this is great! Miss Sargent shared some of your reports with me – I think there may be some future authors in your class. Please remember us when you are famous!

  2. 1. The authors name is on the cover of the book, he/she is the writer of the book.

    2. The book is called Dave and it makes it easier to select and like a book.

    3. I like the book because dave was funny and naughty. It taught us not to eat too much junk food.

    4. No dave was not eating healthy foods.

    5. Fruits, salads and vegetables.

    6. My favourite part is when dave blasts off at the end of the book and when we count backwards “54321 BLAST OFF”.

  3. 1. The author’s name is found on the front page of the book. The author means a person who writes a novel, poem,book, stories.He is the originator or the creator of a work.

    2. A title is the story’s first impression, title creates interest or disinterest among the readers.Basically it’s the story in a nutshell.The title will give us a lot of information about the book.

    3. Yes, i liked the book because it was funny when they feeded him beans and the other part which made me laugh was when he blasts off at last, but the book also teaches us that we should not eat too much though Dave didn’t get his lesson because he went home and ate lots of food and it happened again and again.

    4. No, Dave was not eating healthy because he was eating too much and he was farting again and again which is not a good sign for healthy tummy.

    5. Healthy foods are green vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, fish, egg, and most important lots and lots of plain water.

    6. The funniest part was when he gets stuck in the cat way.

  4. 1) Author’s name comes at the front page of the book. He is the one who writes the story of the book.
    2) The title is the name of the book written on the front page. It gives us idea about the story.We can select books of our interest faster and easier.
    3) I like the story because it is fun.
    4) No, dave is not eating healthy food.
    5) Healthy foods are milk, fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, chicken.
    6) Funniest part was when dave blasts off very loud after eating lots of junk food.

  5. 1. The author name is found on the front cover of the book. The author means who makes the story and who write it down and publish it as a book so that everyone can read it.
    2. The title of the book is Dave and it’s important because so that we know what is the story all about and we get to know if we like the story or not.If the title is not there we keep on reading it and we won’t like it.

    3. I like the book because it’s funny and at the end we learn a good lesson from the book we should not eat too much food at one time , we should eat slowly and little at a time.

    4. Dave was eating beans which is healthy but he ate a big amount which is not good.

    5. Healthy foods are fish, vegetables, fruits and eggs.

    6. The funniest part is the ending of the book when he blasts off.

  6. I love this story! Great choice 1E!

    Super reply Sean, Dave didn’t learn his lesson did he! I bet he would get stuck all over again.

  7. 1.The authors name is found on the front cover of the book.The authors means who writes the story.

    2.The title is called Dave because it tells you about the name of the book.

    3.I liked the book because it was really funny.

    4.Dave was not eating healthy.

    5.Healthy foods are fruit, salad and vegetables.

    6.when Dave got stuck and did not learn his lesson at the end of the story.

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