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Mrs Diaz’s boys reading group. Gold Fish Boy.

Hello to my ‘Gold Fish Boy’ book group. This week we read pages 3 to 6 and talked about the main character Matthew. This week we found some tricky words that we didn’t understand the meaning of, so for this weeks homework you will be finding the definitions with examples of the words below. Comment below when you have completed this work and bring it into the next reading group please.

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  1. Cul De Sac
    A street or passage closed at one end.
    A board game for two players, played on a draughtboard.
    Having little or no sense, use, or purpose.
    Person whose work involves sterilising something (like medical equipment)
    Give out or reflect small flashes of light.
    Having lungs, especially of a specified kind.
    Comically or repulsively ugly or distorted.
    An article made of porcelain.
    A collectable object like a piece of furniture or work that has a high value.