13 thoughts on “Mrs Drust’s Challenge

  1. The tallest object in my house is the wall and the shortest object in my house is my bouncy ball.My dad is the tallest of the all and my mum is the second tallest and my brother is the third tallest and I am the shortest of them all.

  2. In my house the tallest object is the wall.
    In my house the shortest object is the switches.
    My baby brother is the shortest, then its me, then my brother, my sister, then my oldest sister, my mum and then my dad is the tallest.:)

  3. it fair if people take of there big shoes because if you dont it
    cannot be fair for people and they cant know evrybodys name because
    of your big shoes also you have to take it of .

  4. it not fair if mrs Drust stand on a chair and mr stevenson was
    standing on the flour because it not going to be tallest to
    shortest what will happend to mr stevenson.

  5. The tallest object in my house is a door.
    The smallest object in my house is a dice.
    My dad is the tallest person in my house and i am the smallest.

  6. The tallest object is the door and the smallest object are the house keys.
    The tallest person is my dad and the smallest is my sister.

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