Mrs Hameed Phonics Group.

Hi everyone ,first we are going to recap the digraphs we learnt in the last two weeks .These were ‘sh’ and ‘ch‘ .

Watch the videos below to help you recap what we have learnt.

This week superstars we will be learning the digraph ‘th‘ .Please watch the video to help you. Can you write some words with the ‘th‘ sound and put them into sentences. The best ones will win a prize from me.

Children in my group are:

(Reception Blue) Naksh, Dominik, Huzaifah,Amina

(Reception White) Zakir

(Reception Red) Iqra, Noah, Emraan,Denisa

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  1. Hello mrs Hameed
    Bilal wrote sentences with ‘sh’ ‘ch’ and ‘th’ sounds these are the following he come up with:
    Brush – I brush my hair
    Shed – I put things in the shed
    Shop – I am going to the shop
    Ship – The ship is big
    Shell – I can find shells at the beach
    Wish – I wish a big snowball
    Fish – Fish is in the ocean

    Chips – Chips for dinner
    Lunch – I eat lunch
    Bench – We sit on the bench
    Chick – A lovely chick
    Bunch – A bunch of bananas

    Bath – I scrub in the bath
    Teeth – I brush my teeth
    Earth – Earth is a planet
    Path – I follow the path
    Feather – You can tickle with a feather

  2. I like maths.
    The sun is shining.
    They are thinking.
    That crow is thirsty.
    This film is thrilling.
    I want to say thanks.
    Jacket is thick.
    I take bath every day.
    I brush my teeth.
    I wash my hand.
    I meet them.
    There is classroom.

  3. This: This is a big cupcake.
    The: The sun is yellow.
    Brother: I love my brother.
    Teeth: I brush my teeth in the night time.
    Then: Then I brush my hair.
    There: There is a big hole in my room.

  4. The cat is running
    Think -i think I can dance
    Teeth- I brush my teeth
    Thirsty-when I thirsty I drink water
    Bath-I like to take a bath

    • Shop- we like to go shop
      Dish- I can wash dishes
      Fish-I like to eat fish
      Bench- we are sitting on the bench
      Chat- she chats
      Chair- she is sitting on the chair
      Change- I changed my dress

    • Well done Jasmine, remember a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence and a full stop at the end.When I refill my prize box you will receive a prize.😊

  5. Dominik wrote some sentences containing some th words.
    The thorn is spikey.
    I am using a cloth .
    A moth is black.
    That is a very thick tree.
    The purple wall is thin.
    I will send a picture of his work.

  6. Then: Fly up then down in the clouds.☁️
    The: The sky is blue.🏞
    Think: I think the sun is yellow.☀️
    Thunder: People don’t like Thunder.🌩
    Earth: Earth is in space and has continents.🌍
    Teeth: the Teeth are for eating.😁

  7. I took a bath 🛁
    I brushed my teeth 🦷
    I am thirsty 🧃
    The apple is red 🍎
    The weather is cloudy ⛅️
    The elephant is big 🐘
    Look over there 👉
    They are coming to the party 🎊

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