Mrs McCabe’s groups – Maths revision!

Hi everyone in all my maths groups! You’ve all made so much progress this year and we are very proud of you.

In a few days time, you have the chance to PROVE what you can do and SHOW all your skills and understanding.

So this weekend is really important: it’s the last weekend to do some really focused revision to become a bit more confident in areas you know you need to work on.

Please make sure you revise maths skills that you know you need to…better to revise two things really well than 20 things not that well.

You can do this! Please let me know what you’re revising over the weekend…I’ll be on hand if you need any help. Good luck!





5 thoughts on “Mrs McCabe’s groups – Maths revision!

  1. Well done Florida and Mohamed! Keep up your excellent revision for maths so you can really enjoy doing the tests. Your chance to shine!

    We will have our maths groups tomorrow afternoon, so if there is anything you need help with, bring it with you tomorrow please.

    Mrs McCabe

  2. I have revised my reading and SPAG by going on websites Mr McCabe advised us to go on and printed papers on sats test online.


  3. Wow thank you Ahsan! Very motivational for all the children in year 6. Fantastic. You are very right and I am already proud of the huge progress you’ve made in maths,and the hard work you have put into the maths group.

    Good luck with all your revision, but I would like you to tell me what you look over in maths please, and let me know if I can help with anything.

    Mrs McCabe

  4. Yes, sir I will try my best and take all the teaching I’ve learnt and try my best and am going to re-cap some learning and take all the learning I have done on board and hopefully achieve what is expected of me which is a secure level 5 in all lessons.
    And make my teachers fellow class mates Mrs Frankish and the school proud.

    But it is easier said than done so I need to prove hat I am capable of.And the most important thing that I have learnt was to not think a question is hard just by looking or reading the text and under-estimating yourself and thinking that the question is beyond your capability but nothing is beyond your capability if you give it your level best and re-cap previous lessons.

    Additionally, all people can achieve a great level and should not hold their self back everyone can achieve a great level nobody can hold their self back and try their best to achieve he level they are capable of. Also, looking at the questions might seem hard but if you try your best you will always achieve your best and do your best in the test when you do it.

    Moreover, your the only person that holds yourself back because you might think the question is hard but it might sound hard when you read it but might be as simple as just doing the inverse or add a few numbers together. Furthermore, the sats test you will
    do will be reading, spag, maths, and writing which we know and is not hard for us as we do it everyday.

    I hope this texts motivates you.

    Thank You!!..

    Ahsan Khan 6M!!..

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