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  1. To Mrs Roberts
    Thank you for all your support when I was in reception you are a brilliant teacher and hope your back at school soon me my mum and Theo hope you get well soon take carexx

  2. Get well soon Mrs Roberts. I miss you so much when will you come back? Thank you for being a lovely teacher. You are very kind 😗☺🤗

  3. I hope u will get better soon hopefully. U r lovely and brilliant teacher. I miss u so much and miss ur smile.hopefully we see u soon in school.

  4. To Mrs Roberts,
    Stay strong and get well soon. Thank you for all the hard work and support that you have shown Muhammad.
    Lots of love,
    Muhammad and Family xxxxxxx


  5. Hope u will get better soon.
    U r a very Brilliant teacher.May God give u speedy recovery.we will see u very soon in school
    Love zaeem and myiesha x

  6. I really hope deep down that you get better real quick. Keep that beautiful smile on your face always because this is you, always happy. You are a lovely person and i wish you the best of luck with your chemo and hope you become fit and well real soon. Stay positive. We miss you from Hanfaa and mum 😗

    • Thank you
      Keep trying Adam and continue to be a learning star. Hearing and reading about how everyone is gaining keeps a smile on my face and smiles make you get better quicker. X

  7. You are an excellent role model for many, you care, you give and you nurture. Sending you lots of love and hopefully see you in the Autumn term. x