Mrs Sanders’ Reading Gladiators! 📚

Hello Gladiators!

This week I would like you to start reading the second story in the book which is called ‘The Nightingale’. Please read up to page 50 by Tuesday’s session.

Your main task for this week is to complete the book review you have been given, this should be about the first story ‘The Wild Swans’. Please complete it fully in your best handwriting, you can also add colour, it would be nice to have these displayed alongside your book covers.

I look forward to seeing your reviews on Tuesday!


Now you have read to page 50 of The Nightingale, how is this story similar to The Wild Swans?

Can you summarise the story so far?

What do you predict will happen next?

3 thoughts on “Mrs Sanders’ Reading Gladiators! 📚

  1. The room is like a million golden lamps nightingale was struck with awe it couldn’t breathe it was amazed but suddenly after dinner the emperor and the lord in waiting asking a lot of personal questions the nightingale wondered why until an idea hit her head. They were asking personal questions because they were going to tell the world more about the nightingale offered her to stay in the palace but the nightingale had other plans. At night she would run away into the woods (more like fly away in the Woods ) . But they will guards outside the nightingales cage it was almost impossible to go out and fly away so the nightingales pretended to sleep until the gods switched shift they were both of them went because one took too long and the other one went to check that was the moment for the nightingale to fly away before they came back.

  2. The emperor in China who was the most best person he own the most beautiful garden some people even went in his magnificent garden one day day people found a nightingale she sang the most beautiful song that the emperor invited her to his palace for dinner

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