Year 5 Maths Wizards – homework

Please copy and solve word problems in your homework book. 

1  Alisha has £18.35 in her purse. Her father gives her £5 pocket money. she buys a book for £7.99 and a bag for £13,49. How much will she have left?

2  A pizza shop makes 176 pizza bases before opening. Over the evening, they sell 247pizzas. during the evening, they make another 80 pizza bases. how many pizza bases will be left at the end of the evening?

Bailey says they have 151 pizza bases left.

Asleigh says they have 9 pizza bases left.

Who is correct and what mistakes have been made? What other errors might be made?

3 Write  a word problem for which this calculation is used to find the answer.

     £9.67+ £8.22 = £17.99

    £3.49+£5.75= £9.24

     £17.89 – £ 9.24= £8.65

What mistakes might someone make when trying to solve the problem?

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