Ms Janjua Intervention Group Week 2 – Homework

Hi Year 5, ( Sara, Asim, Israa, Abdul, Haaris, Khairy, Zahra, Tahiyan, Zainab, Shaikh, Samnata, Jaydon, Mehar

This week I would like you to consolidate your learning in English. We have been learning about Adventure Stories. Below is a picture. Can you write me a short paragraph for about it. It can be the opening of the story, the build up or the ending. You choose.

Look at the picture carefully and think about what is included in a story.

Figurative language ( Personification, Simile, Metaphor, Onomatopeia,)



Fronted Adverbials

Expanded noun phrases

I would like you to write a short paragraph ( 10 lines) Write this in your book and upload it to the share point below. One part of the story not all of it. I want to see the features above. Make it WOW and EXCITING

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